Air intake mod

All motors, especially turbo diesels, benefit from being able to breathe freely. I've often stared at the factory air filter housing and thought there could be a better, simpler solution. Recently I had some time to kill so I wandered the air filter aisle at Walmart checking out the conical air filters and measuring their inlets.

My original intention was to build a completely new air filter setup from the turbo inlet forward. However, there isn't much room between the turbo inlet and nearby hoses and engine components so I decided I to use the factory rubber hose. I went to Lowes and found a 3" PVC adapter I thought would work for the transition from the factory rubber hose to the air filter.

Here is the air filter I bought. It is conical and has 30% more surface area than the factory filter.

Despite my best laid plans the PVC adapter I bought didn't fit worth a damn. During my piddling around I noticed the factory rubber hose would fit inside the new filter fairly snuggly. I cut a piece of 3" scrap tubing I had and used it to firm up the rubber hose even more.

Here is the new air filter in place. I drilled a small hole in the rubber hose and inserted the intake air temperature sensor (white arrow).

I drove in town to pick up a pizza. My initial impressions were the turbo seemed to spool up quicker over 2000 rpm and it seemed to take less throttle than in the past.

If I'm happy with the long term results I might try to find a larger filter or try different orientations. I'm still toying with the idea of replacing the factory rubber hose with something shorter and with less bends.

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