Courtesy lights

The Liberty Limited package comes with footwell courtesy lights. The Sports don't, but the connection and mounting screw is already there. A popular upgrade mod is to install courtesy lights.

I purchased mine from an online Jeep parts place. Total cost with shipping was $26.40.

The passenger side is the hardest so I did it first. The connector is where my fingers are. It is taped to the wiring harness.

Release the clip that holds the harness.

I used a pick tool to grab the harness. You can see the connector. Cut the tape and free the connector.

The connector is free.

Remove the panel under the dash. You can see the hole the light will fit in. The mounting screw is there from the factory (arrow). Plug the connector into the light and mount the light.

Here is a view of the light looking up from the floor.

The driver's side is easy. The connector is taped to a harness under the steering column. Install this light the same as the other.

You're done! These lights fade out just like the overhead light.

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