Fuel pressure gauge & Omega temperature sensor

As a continuation of the Racor filter install I added a fuel pressure guage (Summit Racing P/N SUM-G3122) to check the fuel pressure to the injection pump. It should also allow me to see if the filter is getting clogged. I also added an Omega temperature sensor (P/N TH-44004-NPT-18) to replace the puck I had left connected.

'Ranger1' and 'retmil46' from the CRD forums had already done the research on the temperature sensor, so the choice was easy.

Here are the parts laid out.

The extra outlet plug is removed and the Tee inserted. If you look closely you can see I used a different style Tee than the one pictured above.

NOTE: This is the 'already filtered' side of the filter. Cleanliness is the law. Any crud here will go straight to the injector pump and injectors.

The temperature sensor is connected.

The fuel pressure gauge needs an adapter.

The final setup. The Kennedy pump is putting out 4 psi at the filter outlet. I connected the Omega sensor into the factory wiring using the same forked connectors I used for the filter heater, but I didn't have to trim the connectors this time.

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