Sticky Jeep Liberty window

For years my driver's window sticks when you roll it up. It catches on the front of the window and tilts forward. I have to pull it up with my left hand, steer, and operate the control. I need three hands. I've piddled with it a few times with no success. If I spray the front track with silicon it works okay for about a week or so.

Over the winter I made a long 'to do' list for the Jeep. Fixing the window was on it. I thought adjusting the front track might help.

After messing with it for awhile I came upon a solution that seems to work. This is the upper mounting bolt for the front track. I tried enlarging the hole rearward. I thought this might keep the window from tipping forward. No joy. I then enlarged it in the forward direction and it seems to work. The window doesn't go up perfectly smooth. It still has a little bit of a wiggle, but it goes up without my intervention. The bottom track mounting bolt seems to work okay in the stock position.

Hopefully this is a permanent solution. After a few months I'll report my findings.

Update Sept 2016: The fix continues to work. Once in a great while the window will stick, but if I roll it down a little and roll it up again it works fine.

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