CRD recommendations

I've did quite a few mods to my CRD and I've gotten many emails from people asking me what mods I like and would recommend. Here is my list of what I consider "must do's" for a happy CRD:

1) Replace the restrictive factory muffler (or exhaust) with something less restrictive. This improves driveability and fuel mileage.

2) Install a lift pump. Keeps air flushed out of the fuel delivery system and improves driveability.

3) Do the Elephant Hose Mod (or equivalent) to remove the crankcase ventilation oil vapor from the intake.

4) Disconnect the MAF sensor (a.k.a. the Off Road Mod (ORM)) to disable the EGR and keep soot out of the intake. The sludge created by soot mixing with oil vapor clogs sensors creating more problems.

I think if these four mods were done to a CRD right off the dealer's lot the truck would be troublefree and fun to drive for a lifetime.

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