Auxiliary transmission cooler

In preparation for a trip to Virginia to get my Goldwing I decided to add an auxiliary transmission cooler. When I pulled the motorcycle trailer back from Tennessee there were a couple times on long grades the temperature gauge would start to creep upward.

Over the years I've collected several coolers but all were too big for the Liberty. I needed something narrow. I went to AutoZone and found one that would work (P/N 911401) for $25.

The next decision was where to put it. My first idea was up under the nose. There is plenty of space and airflow. I even made some brackets and did some test fitting but I wasn't feeling the love about this area.

Next I tried vertically behind the grille. Not bad, but..

...I was able to get it in horizontally and I like it better. It is more protected by the driving light and I've read that a bottom-fed horizontal cooler will fill better and displace a little more heat. It will also be easy to use simple "L" brackets to mount the cooler.

I was also happy to discover the grill cover could be removed with the brush guard in place.

I notched one of the posts to allow the cooler to fit flush against it.

An easily fabricated aluminum L-bracket.

One screw in the front and one at the rear in the bracket. The setup is rock solid.

I cut the return line.

This is the line to the new cooler. I double-clamped it since the hard line isn't flared.

The new cooler outlet is connected to the factory line. I used plenty of ziploom to protect the lines.

The finished product. I ran the Jeep for several minutes to flush everything and then changed the transmission fluid and filters.

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