Jeep 545RFE deep pan

I've had a deep transmission pan on the last three vehicles I've owned, so it was a natural progression to put one on the Jeep Liberty CRD. It also has a place for a transmission temperature sensor.

I ordered the deep pan from PML Incorporated.

The temperature sensor machining is an extra cost option ($35).

The deep pan is a nice piece of work and includes new fasteners.

My Jeep has factory skidplates and it was obvious the deeper pan wouldn't fit.

There would have to be some modifications done.

While I had the pan off I installed a TransGo shift kit and changed the filters.

Here is a view from the rear of the new deep pan. It was a simple remove and replace operation. The factory pan bolts use an 8mm socket. The new PML bolts are Allen head.

A view from the passenger side. The deep pan holds an additional 3 quarts of fluid.

The factory skidplate is actually two plates welded together. I could gain an inch or so of clearance by removing the top plate.

An hour or so of grinding and I had the two pieces apart. This part will need repainting.

The bottom piece has strengthening ribs and is very stout on its own.

I was able to clear the pan using 1 1/2" spacers on the rear of the skidplate. The bolts are M10/1.5.

This skidplate will work fine for a road warrior. If you do much offroading I'd recommend something heavier and more form fitting.

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