Jeep 545RFE TransGo shift kit

The transmission shifting on the Jeep CRD is kind of sloppy...normal factory stuff. I decided to install a shift kit from TransGo.

I ordered the shift kit from APS Precision.

Here are the contents of the kit. The actual instructions can be found here.

I purchased new filters from The 545RFE uses two filters.

The main wiring harness must be disconnected to allow removal of the valve body. Pull down on the gray handle. The gray part pivots and separates the connector. It took me a few minutes to figure this out. The instructions are a little vague here.

Here is the valve body with the main filter removed. Remove six bolts (8mm socket) and the valve body will drop out.

Here is a view of the second filter.

A view of the valve body. It's fairly heavy and larger than you think it will be.

The cover plate is removed (Torx T-20 screws) and will be replaced by a TransGo part. Some of the springs in the large valves will be replaced (see instructions above).

Between the leftmost valve and the locator pin is a small valve. You can see the plug. This plug and the valve inside are replaced. These parts are hard to get to. I had to tap the valve body on the bench to get this parts to come out enough to get to.

The last mod is to solder a resister between two wires of this connector (with red tab). This was challenging as space is limited.

I took the Jeep for a test drive and it shifts nicer. Not harsh, no tire chirping...just firm, quick shifts. The 2-3 shift is the most noticeable. After I drive it for awhile I'll report back with my impressions.

Update - For the first couple weeks the firmness and shift characteristics weren't consistent. Sometimes the 1-2 and 2-3 shifts would be harsh, other times not. After a few weeks the shifts settled down and now are 'just right'...quicker and firmer. I don't know if it needed some time for the parts to seat, or to burp some air, or what, but now it's nice.

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