Kennedy lift pump

In conjunction with the Racor fuel filter assembly I'm also installing a Kennedy lift pump to bring the fuel to the engine instead of relying on vaccuum that can cause air/fuel separation.

I ordered the Kennedy lift pump from Kennedy Diesel (the fittings weren't included). It is a centrifugal type which won't cause a restriction if it fails.

Power for the pump is provided by Jeep and is located under the carpet just inside the left rear door. The carpet is a pain to get up to gain enough room to work. The blue/orange wire is the power wire to the gasser's in-tank fuel pump, and it is still in place on the diesel except for the last run to the tank. It is powered for 15-20 seconds when the key is turned on unless the the vehicle is running then it is powered continuously. The wire is larger than most of the others and kind of stands out.

I spliced into the wire and ran the wire to the lift pump through the grommet under the left rear seat. It can be fairly easily accessed by reaching under the carpet and running your hand 'uphill' under the seat.

I made a mounting bracket for the pump out of some scrap I had. It's not quite 1/8" thick. It's not gonna be seen so beauty is not a concern.

I mounted the pump using two bolts on the back and one on the top for three dimensional stability.

Here is the installed pump. I spliced into the 3/8" metal fuel line and used 3/8" fuel hose to connect the pump. I wanted to make the mounting bracket a little more protective but given the flow direction and mounting bolt configuration my choices were limited. The mount is rock-solid.

The pump should be as close to the tank as possible to minimize the distance under vaccuum and as low as the tank bottom to minimize the rise the pump must suck. In a perfect world the pump would be installed in the bottom of the tank. This wasn't possible, so I chose to mount the pump at a spot lower than the tank as opposed to near the tank.

Report: The lift pump makes the CRD run quieter. There is less diesel rattle. It also seems to be more responsive just off idle, as if the normally-aspirated part of the motor has more pep. I'll report back after I put some miles on the new setup.
Update: After having the pump installed for a few months the motor is still quieter and throttle repsonse is definitely improved. The pre-boost lag is almost totally gone.

Update - Click here to see my installation of a fuel pressure gauge and Omega temperature sensor in the Racor filter.

Here is an email I recieved:

"Hey we just got finished with this, I can not believe the difference! It is quieter, has A LOT more power, and no more starting issues with our thicker blended vege. Thanks so much for posting this up..."

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