Somerset, KY trip October 2006 (day 2)

I awoke the next morning after a good night's sleep. I can't say the same for Sarah. The bed was too hard for her. I'd have to give this Holiday Inn Express a 'B' or 'B-'. They gave you plenty of towels, but the bed was hard and the air conditioning was marginal.

Sarah, Karen, and Billy

We arrived at Frisch's about 9:30 after filling up with diesel. Wallace and Audrey were already there. Dolly arrived about 10 minutes later. Everyone ordered. Sarah and I got the buffet. Good breakfast. Audrey's daughter Karen joined us soon after. I found out she and her husband own the restaurant, and their son Billy is one of the managers. Wallace bought our breakfast. Thanks Wallace!

After good food and company we went our separate ways. We would get together later tonight at Dolly's for pizza.

Our next stop was the Natural Arch scenic area in the Daniel Boone National forest. It is about 22 miles south of Somerset just off of US27. The above sign greeted us. There were a couple other cars parked outside the gate so we did the same and walked in.

Part of the arch is visible near the beginning of the trail.

The trail to the arch is about 1/2 mile long. Going to the arch the trail goes down, which means you're climbing on the way out.

This spot holds special meaning. Sarah slipped and fell here just after leaving the stairway. She slipped on some leaves that covered a hole. It didn't hurt her. It dirtied the knees of her jeans and gave me something to laugh about the rest of the fact, I'm still chuckling.

Indian Head Rock.


The arch is so large it's hard to get a picture of it when you're near it. It's fun to imagine all the Indians and explorers who have visited the arch over the last few hundred years. Maybe Daniel Boone was here?

Our next stop was the Cumberland Falls state park. The turnoff is on US27 about 1/2 mile north of the turnoff to the Arch. The road to the falls would be a great motorcycle road... 10 miles of nice and twisty road.

These are the largest falls east of the Rockies and south of Niagra Falls. 125 feet across and 68 feet high.

There are several locations to view the falls from.

The Big South Fork Scenic Railway is located in Stearns, KY about 10 miles south of the Cumberland Falls turnoff. They have train rides at 11:00 am and 2:30 pm. The receipt from the Cumberland Falls gift shop said 1:32 pm, so we hopped in the Jeep and hurried the 20 miles or so to the train ride. We arrived in plenty of time, purchased tickets, and boarded the train.

While we waited a northbound train went by. Minutes later a southbound train went by. I like trains so I really enjoyed watching the passing trains.

The tracks follow a creek for several miles.

The area is hilly and very scenic, especially with the changing of the leaves.

The train then backs down a spur line for a mile or so to...

...the rebuilt Blue Heron Mine. Passengers are allowed about 1 1/2 hours to stroll around the complex. There is a gift shop, restaurant, restrooms, and many displays about the old mine.

People can walk across the tipple to the other side of the river. The view is beautiful from up there.

More mine pictures

The train picked us up promptly at 4:45 and brought us back to the station. There was an older Nomad parked near us. Sigh...I missed riding the bike.

We drove back to the hotel, cleaned up, and ordered pizza from Pizza Hut. We then went to Dolly's house where Audrey and Wallace also were. We ate pizza and played a homemade board game they had similar to Aggravation. This lasted until 11:00 pm or so when we all went our separate ways.

2 - Natural Arch
3 - Cumberland Falls
5 - Big South Fork Scenic Railway

Day 3.

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