Jeep Liberty window fix

Recently I shut the left rear door and heard a clunk. I looked to see the window had fallen down about three inches. When I tried to put it up with the switch the motor made a grinding noise then quit. I was able to manually push the window closed, but the jarring of driving would cause it to fall back down.

I did some internet searching and quickly found this was a common problem with Libertys and Cherokees. The problem? Cheap parts. Chrysler's solution? Replace the cheap parts with the same cheap parts, then when the warranty is over the owner takes it in the butt to pay for the fixes.

Searching also led to a real fix for the problem. Steiger Performance has developed a metal replacement for the failure-prone plastic piece. He has kits for all four doors.

The problem: The plastic piece connects the window to the track that goes up and down. A metal spiral cable drives the plastic piece in worm gear fashion. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize that eventually the metal cable will wear and destroy this stress point.

Another view.

The installation instructions are VERY good, but there are a few points I'll clarify.

- The first paragraph on page 2 vaguely refers to a 'small metal clip in the white plastic window bracket'. Figure 18 shows a picture of the clip itself. If you manually move the window you can eventually see the clip through one of the holes above the top guide rail bolts.
- In the same paragraph it refers to 'disengaging the glass from the window bracket'. In the last picture above the metal bracket attached to the window fits into the oval hole on the plastic piece. Once the metal clip is gone you can pry the two pieces apart and move the window to uncouple the two pieces.
- Other than these two things his instructions are EXCELLENT.

Note: I had some added joy. The broken piece had actually been spiralled into the plastic piece shown in Figure 11 of his instructions. This kept the cable jammed in the plastic tube. I fought with it for a long time trying to get it out. Finally I cut a small groove in the plastic tubing...much like a surgeon would split skin to relieve swelling. This allowed me to get the cable out and continue with the installation. Hopefully you don't have to deal with that.

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